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I was playing around with my small lipstick collection and stumbled across a Mac Lipstick Dupe! I've never heard of anyone mention this dupe, so I've decided to share it with you. i have also heard that Makeup Geek's lipstick in "Charming" is also a dupe for the Mac lipstick, but I have never found any swatches of them side by side. For me, it is also difficult to purchase Makeup Geek brands accessibly.

I have found a dupe for Mac's lipstick in "Kinda Sexy" which is a Matte finish. Mac describes this lipstick as an "Neutral pinky-rose", so its great for everyday wear!
I got my Mac Lipstick from a Mac counter in New Zealand for $40 NZD (yeah, makeup is so expensive over here). But you can also buy this lipstick online:
(countries apart from Australia and NZ)

(for Australia and NZ only)

The dupe for this is NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Stockholm". NYX is easily found in the US drugstores. Since, NYX is not sold in New Zealand, I got mine from this website listed below for around $7 NZD :

I highly recommend this website for cheap online makeup from the US.

Although these colours aren't 100% the same, they are almost the same on the lips.

Product: NYX lippy is a cream. Mac is a lipstick

Finish: The finish of both is in a matte finish which is great.

Scent: The Mac lipstick has a strong vanilla scent whereas the NYX has a very faint vanilla scent that is undetectable on the lips.

Application: They are both easy to apply and are also nice and creamy, although I think that the Mac one is ever so slightly less drying on the lips. If you have dry/chapped lips, I recommend to exfoliate your lips first followed by a clear lip balm then apply. Because matte shades can really cling onto dry patches on your lips and won't look as satisfying.

Texture: Both of these lippies appear matte, but once you rub your lips together you can feel that it has a different consistency. The Mac one feels thicker and much more pleasant on the lips (like any other lipstick) whereas, the NYX one feels more lightweight on the lips but still feels soft and slippery once you rub your lips together.

Tone: "Kinda Sexy" has more of a pinky tone to it, whereas, the NYX one has more of a browny-nude tone. but these two colours are extremely close.

Staying Power: They both last around 2-3 hours without eating or drinking. After a while, the Mac one leaves a much more pleasant stain behind, as the stain is more pigmented than the NYX's leftover stain.

Who can where this? I think that anyone with fair to medium skin complexions will enjoy this colour the most as these colours will flatter them the most. People with deeper complexions could also pull of these lippies as lovely nudes.

SWATCHES: (left) Mac "Kinda Sexy", (right) NYX "Stockholm"

                                                                        My lips with no product 
                                                            NYX soft matte lip cream in "Stockholm"

I decided not to use flash to take pictures because i found that it did not look true to colour, so i left it like the pictures above, that is the most accurate to the colour I could get. 

Hope you enjoyed my very first Beauty post entry. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments :) thanks for taking your time.

Sophia xx

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